Sunday, June 23, 2013

Delayed Intensification Part 2

We made it through the whole Delayed Intensification phase!

On May 9th, Molly got a fever and she was admitted to PCMC for 3 days. She had wide blood pressure (to much distance between diastolic and systolic numbers) so she got to spend a night in the PICU, then another two nights after that in the ICS. Turns out this was also the day her head decided to let go of all her hair! By the time we got home Molly was left with only a fine peach fuzz all over her scalp, and a very bare spot on the back of her head where she rubs while asleep. This picture below shows it almost finished falling out.

May 22nd was a clinic visit for cyclophosphamide chemo through the port and methotrexate chemo through lumbar puncture. This visit was a week delayed from originally planned because Molly's counts were too low for chemo last week.

We got sent home from this visit with an at-home oral chemo called thioguanine and a port chemo called cytarabine. We had to give her oral chemo to her for 14 days consecutively, and port chemo every day for 4 days, the 3 days off, then 4 days on again. For the port chemo, I had to wear the chemo gloves and make sure that the girls didn't try to play with the syringes. All the used syringes and the gloves had to go into a special chemo waste bucket when we were done.

On June 5th Molly's labs showed counts that required a blood transfusion, so we went in the next day and spent the morning at PCMC refilling Molly's tank. She did very well with that and had no adverse reactions to the blood she received.

My laptop is in pieces right now, and so I am unable to access the pictures I transferred from my camera. Eventually I will be able to get the pics from this phase up and we can all enjoy the Molly-face even more!

Next we start with the Interim Maintenance II phase!